Happy Wheels 2

 Happy Wheels 2 is one of the famous Game All around the world.Happy Wheels Come up with different versions from Demo to Full Version for its online Users.Happy Wheels Main concept is to move from One Point to another point but different hurdle will come and go so it is your Job to secure your character otherwise death will worse and people with weak sense dont need to play this game but some blood scene will come that will make your suffer in sometime.So viewer Discretion needed

This Game is Full of  Scary Scenes and a challenge, you should try to play Happy Wheels, a bloody physics-based vehicle game!

Now the beauty in this game is You have selection of various, unique characters with their Objectives being to get to the End line, initiate a spark that triggers victory, or collect a certain amount of tokens or you can say coins while avoiding being splattered across the level by many obstacles and hazards .Happy Wheels is the Game where your intellectual Level will be check as Users may design and share their own custom scenes using the expansive level editor,the levels are of different type so play some of the over six million predefined user-made or custom levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, or take a look at some of the Premium levels - the best levels in the game

How to play Happy Wheels


The Logic Behind this game is very simple You don't need much worry about the game control .Players control a choice of several unique characters, use the Keyboard arrow keys to control the wheels move forward.

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